Slide About us Established in 2002, Senix Health Group (formerly Orient Pharmaceuticals) has been a trusted name in multiple healthcare sectors for decades, including pharmaceuticals, supplements, and medical devices. With activities and subsidiaries spanning from technology R&D to import/ export and distribution of healthcare products and services, we aim to revolutionize the current approach to health by bringing the most innovative products to our partners and consumers around the world, using only the best materials and the most advanced technologies.

Senix Health Group sets the standard for healthcare in a new age. This is health, reimagined.
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We actively look to partner with or invest in innovators to improve lives, from working with researchers to develop new products, with manufacturers to bring their products to market, and with high-quality brands to distribute their products.


Slide GLOBAL MINDSET PEOPLE FIRST POSITIVE IMPACT INNOVATION Senix was founded with a vision to change people’s approach to healthcare, and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Investing in bio-technology, digital transformation services, and cutting-edge material science, we are close partners with think-tanks and research institutions all around the world to bring the best, most innovative products to market. Slide INNOVATION PEOPLE FIRST POSITIVE IMPACT GLOBAL MINDSET We believe in global connectedness and collective strength. Senix works closely with our partners in the US, the UK, Japan, Isarael and many other regions, to both bring their best innovations to South East Asian markets, as well as to bring the unique healthcare approach and products of Vietnam to global consumers. Slide INNOVATION GLOBAL MINDSET POSITIVE IMPACT PEOPLE FIRST As a health company, the wellbeing of our customers is our foremost concern. As such, we have built a corporate culture of service, treating our people as our most valuable assets, so that in turn they would feel secure to serve our customers. Slide INNOVATION GLOBAL MINDSET PEOPLE FIRST POSITIVE IMPACT As a company of the new age, we are committed to responsible business practices, and creating a positive impact in the world. This means safe, clean and sustainable material source, top-of-the-line standard in manufacturing, and highest quality of products. We also work to improve the lives of herb farmers, healthcare workers, and everyone else involved in our operations.

Great companies start with great culture. At Senix, we focus on instilling our core values in our people, who in turn build an innovative organization that is in constant service of the global community. Explore jobs

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